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Sup teammates, so we have this project on it's way with the help of catluvr2 and AustralAnima. Thanks to these awesome ponies we are starting to roll this boulder.  We still need voice actors for this project though so if you still want to help us out we need you to play one of these roles.

* Starswirl the not so bearded yet
"Princess I need more time to finish! These conditions are too sudden!"

* Celestia
"My subjects you must stop this right this SECOND!"

* Narrator - We cannot tell you what the lines are for the narrator so just say!
(narrator voice)
"When life gives you a chance you must take the leap or swim with the fishes" -
btw that is an actual line for a certain pony.

*Luna - teenage Luna. (not season 2 or season 3 but season 1 Luna)
"Tia! I want to watch!"

If you want to try-out for those I suggest you record using Audacity. It is a free recording software that has a bunch of fun features and if you cannot figure out how to save just export the file, If you cannot download this I suggest using Microsoft recorder which is in the start menu, if you use a mac I do not know whats on a Mac. After you record it save it and upload it to Soundcloud which is also free sign up and a huge upload limit so that you can upload a huge recording if needed.Well I think that is all I wanted to cover for now.

~Stay bubbly pop!...I mean See you starside!
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Submitted on
February 27, 2013


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